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For homeowners, upgrading to clean energy is overwhelming. Get advice from someone who's been there.

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Everyone you speak to is a volunteer, donating their time.

Breathe easy

Every month we use a portion of our revenue to buy carbon removal credits, helping stabilize our planet's climate.

Never have I ever...

used a heat pump

gotten solar panels

put in an EV wall charger


changed my insulation

installed batteries

used an induction stove


We've got you covered in three easy steps:

1. Tell us about you

We'll understand your home, your priorities, and more.

2. Get matched

We'll set you up with a volunteer who has similar experience.

3. Get advice!

Connect on a 30 minute Zoom call and get your questions answered.

Got more questions after your call?

No worries, you get unlimited calls per month, and new volunteers are joining all the time.


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Worth every penny

Climate upgrades can cost thousands. For pennies on the dollar, get time and money-saving advice from unbiased homeowners like you.

Compares an average cost of $6,000 for heat pump upgrade vs. six months of GetClimateHelp


We founded GetClimateHelp to unlock mass adoption by building social proof at scale.

We're at a critical point in human history. On the one hand, renewable technology is becoming cost-efficient.

At the same time, climate disasters are multiplying. Grid failures, droughts, wildfires, heatwaves, superstorms...Americans everywhere are experiencing climate change first-hand.

We believe the climate is for everyone. Now that alternatives are economically feasible, the biggest barrier to adoption is social proof. Because these technologies are new, we want to see our friends and neighbors' experiences before we adopt.

Our volunteers share their experiences, good and bad, with the climate curious. By recruiting a diverse set of volunteers across every dimension, we hope to show everyone that climate alternatives are for them.

Check out our blog for more on the science of social proof.

Get started volunteering in less than a minute.


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