Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct is our way to encourage good behavior and discourage bad behavior in our community.

We will do our part to foster a welcoming and professional environment free of harassment. We expect participants to communicate professionally and thoughtfully during their involvement.

Participants may lose their good standing by engaging in misconduct. For example: insulting, threatening, or conveying unwelcome sexual content. We ask participants who observe conduct issues to report the incident directly to GetClimateHelp's response team at [email protected].

We may remove harassers, whether volunteers or subscribers. Removal for violating the Code of Conduct will void any refund.

This code does not replace the terms of service or acceptable use policies of the websites used to support this project. We acknowledge that participants may be subject to additional conduct terms based on their employment which may govern their online expressions.


This Code of Conduct makes our expectations of participants in this community explicit.

Expected Behaviors

We expect participants in this community to conduct themselves professionally.

Unacceptable Behaviors

Participants remain in good standing when they do not engage in misconduct or harassment (some examples follow). We do not list all forms of harassment, nor imply some forms of harassment are not worthy of action. Any participant who feels harassed or observes harassment should report the incident.

Reporting Issues

If you experience or witness misconduct, or have any other concerns about the conduct of members of this community, please report it by contacting us at [email protected].

Your report should include:

After filing a report, a representative will contact you directly to review the incident and ask additional questions. We will consider reports to be confidential for the purpose of protecting victims of abuse.


This code does not replace the terms of service or acceptable use policies that are provided by the websites used to support this community. Nor does this code apply to communications or actions that take place outside of the context of this community. Many participants in this community are also subject to codes of conduct based on their employment. This code is a social-contract that informs participants of our social expectations.

This text is shared under the CC-BY-4.0 license. This code is adapted from the Yahoo Open Source Code of Conduct.